We’re Rachel and Gina, and we love London, we weren’t born here but we landed here after years of travelling and fell in love; we’ve been here for nearly eight years and we still haven’t run out of things to discover.

That’s why we love planning people’s days. We want to share our love of the communities and small businesses that make London so special, by creating the best day out completely tailor made for you.


Our business focuses on local brands for good reason

It’s tough being a small business, there are so many big corporations who can outspend us on marketing and outprice us with products. But small businesses are a lot more than a new product or a different brand. They really are the lifeblood of a community. That is why we put small brands and businesses at the forefront of our days. We want you to discover somewhere new for a coffee, to buy a book in person from a local shop and give your time and money to the small businesses that line our streets rather than going to the chains and big names that are all too easily found. There are so many reasons why a Tailored and Made day supports small businesses but we’ve collected some of the benefits your local independents bring to show why you should shop small and support your local businesses through our days, both at home and out and about.

Small businesses define our culture, they are steps away from clinical, carbon copies of chains and introduce new and interesting cultures to our streets.

Small businesses are largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities.

Small businesses build neighbourhoods, they are often found within walking distance of homes rather than big high streets and build a neighbourhood around them.

Small businesses create relationships; the local customer/local business relationship means that products and services are more tailored to you and your needs rather than mass consumers.

Small businesses are the heart of the community. A local coffee shop, bookshop or concept store bring people out of their homes to spend time in their community. Without independent brands there would be no heart in the middle of your local neighbourhood.

Small businesses diversify consumption. Instead of purchasing the latest trend, or the product that has been most marketed, small businesses mean that we are able to consume from diverse companies and products.

Small businesses share access to wealth. True economic equality comes from ownership. More entrepreneurs and small businesses means less of a monopoly and more access to wealth outside of huge corporations.

Small businesses introduce new ideas. With the ability to be flexible and daring, small businesses can introduce new products and ideas faster than corporates. They are usually born out of fixing a problem too so small businesses are great for innovation.

Small businesses boost our economy! If everyone spent just £100 a year on local businesses it would but £3m a year into our economy; locally, £10 spent at a local shop can drive an additional £50 in to the local economy.

Discover more about London with a Tailored and Made day. An entire day of experience where you will be shown hidden spots and local heroes, all completely bespoke to you.

We also offer a completely bespoke service. From placemaking and party planning to groups and corporate offerings. Please get in touch through the website or email hello@tailoredandmade.com to find out more

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