Date Night Brixton


The centre of South London is a true community destination. The colourful market and streets surrounding the station are alive with energy any time of the day. The end of the Victoria Line brings you out into a haze of music, food and incredible vibes. With new places popping up and old favourites standing strong; Brixton is well worth a visit or two.

  • Independent Bar
  • Welcome Drink
  • Local Restaurant
  • Dinner and Drinks

Our date night is for anyone who wants to enjoy an evening out without having to worry about where to go and what to do. For two people: the date night will introduce you to somewhere new in the area you chose. Food and drink are included so once you’ve booked you can forget about everything until you get your itinerary through. Great for catching up with people, treating someone or just getting out and about without having to think too much about it.